GT Davis – Astronomer of Reading.

In 2002 the Reading Astronomical Society was given access to a handmade volume of astronomical drawings at the telescope by Gideon T Davis, a founder member of the BAA.
This is posted in the hope that current members of RAS or residents of Berkshire can pass on more data about GTD’s life or would like to be involved in further investigation

In his own words Gideon summed up the purpose of his book and it coincides nicely with that of Reading AS.

“[The sketches] show what a small telescope can show in Reading, in the hope that other natives of the town may be induced to consider the advantages of astronomy as a healthy and instructive recreation, that may serve useful ends, if pursued in connection with a society that indicates to its members which line of observation they can usefully take up.”

G Turner Davis of Reading
13 Donnington Gardens
12th October 1891

Acknowledgements and thanks are due to the Berkshire Records Office. And note for researchers the book is catalogued as:
Astronomical sketches by Gideon Turner Davis of Reading and others, [1877]-1897 (1 vol)
Deposited in December 2002 (acc. 7113)
Cat : LS 3/2003

“Astronomical sketches” by G[ideon] Turner Davis of Reading and other Berkshire astronomers.
(Volume compiled in 1891 by G[ideon] Turner Davis of 13 Donnington Gardens, Reading, as a guide for novice astronomers, “to show what a small telescope can show in Reading”. Includes sketches of observations of the Moon, planets, comets, sunspots, stars and a nova in the Andromeda nebula, made 1877-1891, with additional observations, 1896-1897.) 1 vol 1891-1897

[A book containing scanned images of the sketches and notes in
this volume is available in the Record Office Library.]


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