The rising cost of insurance.

This house near me is supposed to be suffering from subsidence….

I don’t think anyone is surprised and I think you can tell that the trees are older, by about 100 years, than the house. Some time later while the occupant was at home recovering from a heart-attack branches broke off and smashed the roof! This just an example, prevalent in the 80s of a builder squeezing as much property onto a plot as possible. Frankly it looks like Wimpy Homes were being reckless and the planners turned a blind-eye. My wife and I are surprised the house has stood for 25 years.

Anyway an elderly couple also living in the vicinity have been receiving letters from a claims adjuster asking them to report the alleged subsidence to their insurers because, according to the theory, vegetation has been sapping moisture from the land.

In this instance, this company, DAC Beachcroft, have an interesting business model. If the elderly couple follow their request they tell their insurance company of a possible claim against their property. The elderly couple’s insurance company pays some money to AXA (who insure the house) and DAC Beachcroft take a cut. Absolutely no commercial good has accrued to anyone whatsoever, but some people in a ‘British service industry’ have received a salary, some shareholders take a dividend, all paid for by insurance premiums from people like you and me. You can see the pride DAC Beachcroft take in this activity at their website.

No wonder they have morale and staff problems.